Some health benefits of Oregano

Besides making things taste wonderful, and beautifying your garden, here are some things I found out about oregano that are good to know.

*Oregano is a rich and natural source of Vitamin K. Often this vitamin is overlooked .

*Oregano is a natural source of antibiotic properties. It contains Thymol and Carvacol. They are oils that have remarkable power to fight bacteria. Some researchers have found that Oregano is a good treatment for giardia.

*Thymol, as well as an acid called rosmarinic, are both strong antioxidants that oregano offers.

*Did you know that Oregano is high in iron, manganese, and other important minerals for health?

*Oregano is rich in fiber, similar to the amount chicory has.

(Disclaimer, remember to always contact your doctor for all your medical care and before making any changes in your health routine. )

More things to know about Oregano, and Uses

Oregano is a perennial herb. This plant can get bushy and produces leaves that are an essential ingredient to many Italian and Spanish dishes. You can use Oregano in salads, stews, stuffing, fish, and egg and cheese dishes. Particulary great with tomatoes and eggplant. Great with any meats and adds a lot to dressings.

Oregano is similar to the herb marjoram, but has a sharper fragrance and flavor.

You can preserve this herb by drying the leaves. To dry, you will want to cut just before the flowers open. I often bunch up some stems and hang them to dry.

Oregano means "mountain joy".

Growing Oregano

Having fresh herbs can be so wonderful, why not grow your own? Buying herb plants from the nursery in the spring can be great, as well as growing from seeds. Here are some basic things to keep in mind regarding growing your own oregano from seed.
1. You can always start oregano seeds early, indoors about 6 weeks before your last frost for your area. Just make sure the seeds are in a sunny location.
2. You can sow the seeds directly outside after all danger of frost has passed. Plant only 1/8 inch deep.
3. Oregano grows well if planted in rows about 18 inches apart.
4. Thin or transplant the seedlings when they are 2 inches tall. Plant them about 12 inches apart to have room to grow well.
5. As flowers appear, pinch or cut them off to encourage more leaf growth. Most are growing for the leaves, and this is a great way to maximize this.
6. Oregano can thrive as a potted plant as well. Just keep an eye on your potted plants in the heat of the summer.
7. The plant will grow anywhere from about 14 to 22 inches tall.
8. Seeds take about 8-14 days to germinate.


Where does one start to do a blog on the herb Oregano? Such an amazing and wonderful herb I hope to share with you something maybe you didn't know before. Growing oregano in your garden can be so rewarding. Thank you for stopping by.